An ISAPI project to show frames

An ISAPI project to show frames

由 ultracpy2018年1月23日
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    The ISAM generates a page that contains a FRAMESET tag with the SRC fields pointing to the ISAM itself with GetFrame commands (see the html source for the dinamically generated page).

    The full source code for the ISAM is provided, you will have to compile it in order to get a working site. Before compiling you will have to change a constant in the code: the module location. This constant is found in the isam.cpp file. Once you have compiled the project with correct site location you will need to take the following steps to install:

    • Create a directory under your http server root for the project.
    • Copy the isam.dll file to this directory.
    • Create a virtual directory in your http server to access the dll (remember to grant execute rights). The name of the directory must be the same you set in the project.



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